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  Pl. Słowiański 6/1
 72-600 Świnoujście

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7. Sail Świnoujście! 14 - 16. August 2015


2013-06-07 |

Świnoujście Summer under the sign of sails!

Days of the Sea Regatta - I BAKISTA CUP - In-port Sailing Races (Tourist Regatta) - The TALL SHIPS\' RACES - SAIL ŚWINOUJŚCIE - Unity Line Regatta - Polonez Cup Race

03.08.2012_ad->2Summer season in this year guarantees the true power of sailing emotions. Two weeks after the official opening of the sailing season at the marina in Świnoujście (08.06), a sporting rivalry between yachtsmen participating in the 26th Days of the Sea Regatta (22-23.06) will start. This event is organized by the Polish Navy Yacht Club „Kotwica" branch in Świnoujście.

At the beginning of July (30.06.-05.07) will take place a new sailing event for the lovers of sailing challenges - the 1st Bakista Cup, that is the Regatta on the West Pomeranian Sailing Route (Regaty po Zachodniopomorskim Szlaku Żeglarskim) - legs: Świnoujście - Kołobrzeg - Darłowo - Dziwnów - Świnoujście. It is hosted by the Stowarzyszenie Euro Jachtklub „Pogoń" under the patronage of Association of Ports and Marinas (Związek Portów i Przystani Jachtowych), Local Tourism Organisation of the West Pomeranian Sailing Route (Lokalna Organizacja Turystyczna Zachodniopomorskiego Szlaku Żeglarskiego), and the West-Pomeranian Yachting Association.

The regatta calendar could not do without the next edition of the Etapowe Regaty Turystyczne (In-port Sailing Races - Tourist Regatta) hosted by the West-Pomeranian Yachting Association, the starting date of which is scheduled for July 20, 2013.

The second month of summer holidays in this year will also be a unique one. On 3-6 August, more than a hundred sailing ships participating in The Tall Ships\' Races with the final port in Szczecin of the biggest regatta will arrive to the Capital of the West Pomerania. But there is no better vantage point to watch the ships than the beach in Świnoujście and Western breakwater. And there will be a lot to admire! About twenty of the largest and the most impressive vessels of \'A\' category of ship classes, such as Russian MIR, SEDOV, KRUZENSHTERN, Mexican CUAUHTEMOC, Norwegian CHRISTIAN RADICH, German ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT II, or Polish DAR MŁODZIEŻY will sail through Świnoujście. Those, for whom only viewing on the tall ships is not enough, are invited to visit SAIL ŚWINOUJŚCIE on 15-18 August. During the event, there will be an opportunity for anyone interested in participating in a two-hour cruise on the open sea under full sail, and for more courageous persons - a day long sail on deck of a beautiful Russian tall ship - SHTANDART. SAIL ŚWINOUJŚCIE is an event organized as part of the international agreement - Baltic Sail, but more intimate in its nature than The Tall Ships\' Races, however also providing positive impressions - tall ship cruises, admiring the Tall Ships Parade by viewing it from breakwater at the „Wiatrak" or the light show seen from seats of the 40-meter high Ferris Wheel! 

Collateral to the event, almost within the same period, there will be held the 13th Unity Line Regatta, during which are more than a hundred of sailing ships from Poland, Germany and Scandinavia participating, and the Baltic Single - Handed Polonez Cup Race; while during the first days of August, the Wiatrak Regatta will be organized.



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